Coming soon: 2021

Courtesy of The Stardust Experience

Knock, knock who’s there?

Um … Little Mis-Fit!

Yes, she is almost here! Calling all children, especially those over the age of 5! Parents! Grandparents! Teachers! Librarians! Book lovers! Everyone! Please help share our story.

Spark your child’s imagination with this wonderful story of Little Mis-Fit. Inspired by my inner child, Little Mis-Fit is a story about a unique Overlord who changes lives with her generosity and kindness. There is no other like her in the kingdom of Krolik …

Krolik for centuries has remained unchanged. At 2’5 feet tall, all the Overlords look the same, never really dealing with “difference”. As they prepare to save the universe from the infestation of unhappiness, strange events unfold during their annual Birthingway Ceremony, where the unexpected happens. Little Mis-Fit is born. A hairy, purple giant with golden paws and 7’5 feet long ears. She changes the kingdom forever. 

Having battled an evil lightening curse, Little Mis-Fit saves her new family from burning rainbow lava, only to find herself fighting her emotions as she travels through the Fountain of Murdust. Her battle is not over, as she hides feelings of inferiority, she shines with love for others, but in truth, Little Mis-Fit is in denial. In her heart, she feels like an unworthy giasquidling (Krolain for giant). When she meets the Nebesa- the hallway of truth, she is sent somewhere secret to uncover her own inner demons and fight her way back to the others. 

Her quest to understand her difference, to belong and to love herself sets the course of her journey. Will she return to the kingdom or be lost in nothingness forever? 

Do you dare to be different?