Misfit goals: The future

Nerdy Rose Press Release

I, hereby announce that Nerdy Rose Press will only speak the truth.

Our intention is to become a registered Not for profit focusing on art as a means to healing and creative expression.

We are motivated to help children explore themselves, their emotions and thoughts through artistic measures. We want to nourish and feed their souls with ways to help them regulate and reflect. An early chance to learn self awareness, introspection and empathy.

Our aim is to find positive ways to support children reach their creative potential. We endeavour to do this by supporting children with their art and encourage them to publish their work with our guidance and help.

We propose an open, honest and transparent relationship. Trust is essential to our work and we believe that authenticity, self belief and the desire to learn is essential. We want our creative children to thrive and shine.

Let the misfit revolution begin!

Further information coming soon.

Our children are the future.

Author: Little Mis-Fit

A creative, crazy WhuHopper who is trying to facilitate change through creative expression and positivity. I am not one for conventions, norms and following the status quo but also not one for negativity. My goal is to challenge outdated attitudes. I bet you're thinking, oh no, not another one! Wait for it though.. I have many quirks! Here are just a few to get you thinking: Book hopping. Word mashing. Monster battles. Art dancing. Sleep walking. Random outbursts. Killing with kindness. Floral socks. Tea shops. Hide and seek. Chocolate melt downs. Swinging slides. Hula hoops. White lies. Truth spells. Giant feet. Hearts.... big ones. So, what am I doing? Making a difference by looking beyond our labels, surface values and preconceived notions of 'right'. My work is geared towards providing uplifting, supportive spaces where love and humanity is integral. The Little Mis-Fit family wants to inspire you. Shake you. Wake you. Love you. Heal you. Little Mis-Fit is a creative splurge, it calls all the misfits hiding in the dark. I want you to shed your fears and celebrate your existence! Although, my project is geared towards children, I invite your inner child to trust me. I want to empower, nourish, cherish and love that child. I want you to love that child too. In the end, we all need to grow, no matter how evolved we believe we are. The work never ends. My aim is to creativity reach children, to harness their inner worlds, where no one is a misfit, no matter what. However, the message is simple, "healing" begins today. If our children have the appropriate skills, they will ultimately have better resilience and awareness for when they are adults. Of course, what can do this better than books! Please join me the misfit movement! Life is limitless. Do not limit yourself to your history or labels. Finding empowerment through creativity. What you waiting for? Unleash your child! All my work is original. Copyright © 2014 Thanks

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