A world where no one is a misfit ….

Do you dare to be different?

Dear Reader,

By writing this short story, I break the rules of my kingdom- The Kingdom of Krolik. I am one of the oldest “Overlord’s” to exist. But, here I am sharing my story with you. I love my kingdom, I love my family and I love our mission. However, I send this message to seek those who like us, find themselves lost in a world where normality, sanity, convention, labels and conformity are prized above our individual uniqueness.

For centuries, we have carried out our work in secret behind closed doors, but today, I decided it was time, I reached those who hide in plain sight, shamed, shunned, rejected for being themselves. Our mission simple- “We exist to spread the gift of joy and love without judgement.”

Our kingdom is filled with giddy laughter, magical treats and acceptance regardless of who you are and where you come from. I take this opportunity to invite you to join our mission- where no one is isolated because of whatever is in fashion with the hate police. We are force of light, love, laughter and positivity. We seek you.

I have to wipe this message before I get myself shackled or beheaded. Well, ha! Only kidding, we kill no one here- I think! By bunnies! It is time to get kitzy and hit my cotton candy cloud for now. Before, I go …. you are special no matter what. Farewell friends, until the next time.

Mr. Pukazeezee