Behind the Scenes

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You know the saying- if life gives you lemons make lemonade. What if you are unlike no other lemon then what?

The Kingdom of Krolik hereby invites you to uncover its history.

Hello everyone! In case you don’t remember who I am- I will remind you. I am Mr Pukazeezee! Now, don’t forget! Or who knows what will happen to you …

Life gave me lemons. Oh yeah! So, like always, I made my own version of lemonade. I want to take you behind the scenes, to the inception of Little Mis-Fit. Nope sorry, this isn’t about the conception of Little Mis-Fit! Her birth was most likely a virginal one, since no one in the Kingdom mates. Trust me, I know! I’ve lived there for centuries! Lucky for you, I am nowhere near ready for the- “where do babies come from?”

I know where Little Mis-Fit came from, and that’s all I got for you.

Little Mis-Fit is born from the depths of my inner child. I needed answers. How was I making a difference in the world? Was I really fulfilling my purpose?

I have always made up stories. It was my secret gift. In my head, I lived in this lively, enchanting world, where adventure, love and laughter thrived. Considering, I am surrounded by young children, I could in fact be a self indulgent storyteller. This is when it hit me! Children, are full of creativity, which unfortunately, which systems beat out of them with functionality and standardised testing! And there I was, standing in the sidelines, dying inside. I could not watch anymore.

And that was it. I decided it was time to facilitate the change. I couldn’t stand back and watch conformity take control of young impressionable minds. Nope- I just could not do it. I’ve never been one to follow rules because I am supposed to. Although the work is intended as fun and light, it’s purpose is to also provide healing and love for those who feel isolated and misunderstood. With the hope that use of creativity will spark imaginations all over the world. Little Mis-Fits in every corner coming out to shine!

Of course this is how Little Mis-Fit was born! Even though the work is hard, I loved every moment of this creative experience.

Her story is meant to challenge children, to explore language, their creative depths, their imaginations. It is supposed to feed them with surprise, curiosity and the desire to perceive their own rich worlds with inquisitiveness. Who wants sheep? Do you? I am not looking for perfect answers. I want you to push your boundaries, think beyond confines and truly believe in your inner magic. Step outside, set the world on fire with your awesomeness. Don’t ever let anyone dim your brightness.

I didn’t want a conventional easy read. I wanted to inspire you. Think. Challenge yourself. Find your own wisdom. The purpose of Little Mis-Fit is to develop your gifts, but also to remind you that being different is no crime. You make your rules. Humanity rocks, but you can not be humane or empathic if you never fully explored it. So, don’t wait to grow up. Start today!

I hope this insight helps you understand my work better.

Everyone is welcome in our Kingdom. Child or not, we welcome you with open arms.

With Love

Mr Pukazeezee


The Kingdom of Krolik