Misfit goals: The future

Nerdy Rose Press Release

I, hereby announce that Nerdy Rose Press will only speak the truth.

Our intention is to become a registered Not for profit focusing on art as a means to healing and creative expression.

We are motivated to help children explore themselves, their emotions and thoughts through artistic measures. We want to nourish and feed their souls with ways to help them regulate and reflect. An early chance to learn self awareness, introspection and empathy.

Our aim is to find positive ways to support children reach their creative potential. We endeavour to do this by supporting children with their art and encourage them to publish their work with our guidance and help.

We propose an open, honest and transparent relationship. Trust is essential to our work and we believe that authenticity, self belief and the desire to learn is essential. We want our creative children to thrive and shine.

Let the misfit revolution begin!

Further information coming soon.

Our children are the future.

About the author: Rayn Rose

Lost amongst the noise

Once upon a time in the depths of an icy winter in Great Manchester, England a seed was planted. The earth embracing this stranger in hope. Years passed, but hope never delivered.

I am wildflower. The ill fated seedling, planted amongst a blood crimson petalhood. With their tall stemmed, silken petals caressing a delicate bud, they stand united. Honoured to be the chosen ones. Their emerald velvet leaves a watchful guardian. Suspicious of outsiders. I am an outsider. I have never been able to change that. I wasn’t made to fit in.

I am allergic to pollen, furries, and lies. Imperfect in all it’s glory.

Unable to accept life as it was prescribed- I soldiered on with this burden. I needed to experience, express, and explore. Yet, I compromised.

I never really grasped the truth until during spring, on my 35th flowering birthing ceremony, I was once again ignored. Mocked for my existence by beautiful bullies. I packed my water supply, wrapped my petals in a warm grass coat and grabbed my roots. I was on my merry way to self discovery. The petalhood’s sly hurtful jabs a bullet in my tiny heart. All, I could do was to ignore it all. I bid Mother Earth a sad farewell, her protests falling on deaf ears. I had wasted enough time waiting for change.

It was my time.

I had a desire to learn and grow, so I embarked on a spiritual journey where I found creative expression. A means to heal from my trauma. I became an educator, teaching other wildflowers to find their potential. When that no longer served it’s purpose, I again flapped my petals and went exploring. This time I travelled the world, meeting other outsiders and conducting research. However, I got homesick and returned in the hope that I could now belong with my family.

I was always a hopeful dreamer.

I was wrong. Again, abused and abandoned- I suffered alone with mental and physical illness. My fiery heart a victim. After a few years of some more soul searching, I once more fought for freedom. This time my middle finger an unwelcome guest. The horrified petalhood unsure what to make of this unruly outsider. I shook their core, challenged their values and beliefs. I disobeyed them. I fell in love with a sunflower and rebelled.

Now, a fully fledged counsellor, with possibilities and conviction, I left England for good. I was no longer afraid to live my life on my terms. Nothing would stop me now. I was home. I am home.

I am wildflower.

A story teller.

A creative healer.

The precious petalhood may have shunned me, but I am proud of my difference.

This is my story.

Welcome Misfits!

Do you dare to be different?

Dear Reader,

By writing this short story, I break the rules of my kingdom- The Kingdom of Krolik. I am one of the oldest “Overlord’s” to exist. But, here I am sharing my story with you. I love my kingdom, I love my family and I love our mission. However, I send this message to seek those who like us, find themselves lost in a world where normality, sanity, convention, labels and conformity are prized above our individual uniqueness.

For centuries, we have carried out our work in secret behind closed doors, but today, I decided it was time, I reached those who hide in plain sight, shamed, shunned, rejected for being themselves. Our mission simple- “We exist to spread the gift of joy and love without judgement.”

Our kingdom is filled with giddy laughter, magical treats and acceptance regardless of who you are and where you come from. I take this opportunity to invite you to join our mission- where no one is isolated because of whatever is in fashion with the hate police. We are force of light, love, laughter and positivity. We seek you.

Please heed this secret message and knock on my door five times with a message sharing your personal gifts. I will also accept songs, art or anything else with creative flair but remember, this is a limited offer- I have to wipe this message before I get myself shackled or beheaded. Well, ha! Only kidding, we kill no one here- I think!

By bunnies! It is time to get kitzy and hit my cotton candy cloud for now.Before, I go …. you are special no matter what. Farewell friends, until the next time.

Mr. Pukazeezee