Whu-Editor: Ray Bonde

I dream about books, books, books.

…. The Kingdom has many WhuHoppers who work hard to facilitate positive change in the universe. I would like to tell you about them… Today, you will meet the editor …. Ray Bonde.


WHUHOPPER DUTIES: Recording history and keeping an accurate account of the kingdoms narrative

QUIRKS: hypnotic slurping.

The Vixen, didn’t always believe, she was this sassy, sexy creature. Having suffered from exceptionally aggressive eczema in her childhood, she learnt one thing well- to hide. In plain sight, she was invisible, until she became the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons. Now, a target for daring, bold bullies, who didn’t care how much they hurt this shy, little one. Her introversion and low self-esteem held her captive in a fear festering deep inside. Over time, the bullying subsided. However, haunted by low self esteem and a stammer until adulthood, she lived in the shadows. The bullies may have stopped punishing her, but the Vixen was yet to stop. Instead, she held herself back professionally. Her low confidence trapping her in a bleak past that no longer served her.

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My silent anguish, heard by no one.

The day she was blessed with children, that was also the day the Vixen was born. She was honest enough to realise that she may never be able to shed the entire skin of her own insecurities, but she made a vow to herself. She would never inflict these feelings upon her own children. It was her responsibility to manage and regulate her fears, not project them on innocent young children. She strives to nourish them with confidence and continual abundance of love. Her gifts encourage her children to stand up for themselves and to be the best they can be. By showing them kindness, she is educating them to express their kindness, so they can help others too. This protective, she-wolf is fierce, strong and determined to serve humanity through her wolflings.

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Our children are the future of humanity. The lessons begin with them.

The Vixen found love, acceptance and refuge in books, especially antiquarian children’s literature, archaeological texts, and the fictional works of Dennis Wheatley and Charles Dickens—not unexpected as the daughter of a published author. She followed her shy heart and went on to study archaeology and forensics and whilst working on community excavations for many years (until ‘archaeologist’s knee’ took hold and surgeries prevailed), she moved on to another world. However, although she dreamt of magickal tales of good witches, elves, talking foxes and the like, her imagination suffered. But, that did not deter her from jumping into the world of artistic expression. Heggerwood Realms was born. She may not be a creative magician but, she was a mistress of editing stories. In this way, her wild fantasies could live on, and more importantly, she could help others. Facilitate their dreams into polished prose, standing proudly on a bookshelf somewhere. 

This is how she became a fully fledged beauty living her version of reality. Prompted by many in her youth who mocked her drive and determination, she had conformed to basic normality for years until she woke up from her slump and began to live. Her life. Her terms. Afraid of no one, she fulfilled her desire to drive a train forty-one years later! Now, a qualified diesel driving Vixen and a steam engine firefox- she showed her middle finger to her bullies. In truth, she was never meant to be a follower, having realised that- she ran into the wind, wind ruffling her fur. She was free. So, she emerged as her true self and took charge. This also meant she would never be a conventional editor, she hated being tied to labels or confined in boxes. And she broke out. With a sharp eye and wit, she is able to cover the full gambit of editorial requirements. This made her an invaluable asset for The kingdom of Krolik. She was a cheerleader, applauding those who were brave enough to step outside the norm. She became a mentor, a trusted guide, a saviour of lost losses looking for a home.

Dream big, live beyond the norms.

The Vixen became a WhuHopper, when she stumbled into our charming world. Unable to resist our enchanting magickal calling, she entered our secrets gates. Having been enthralled by our wonderfully conceived tale, with it’s gentle undertone of how to manage one’s own idiosyncrasies, the Vixen was compelled to stay. The underlying message of Krolik is never forced and therefore allows our story to hold its own amongst the others. The Vixen a proud member of our family. Her children avid listeners, also joined Little Mis-Fit on her journey and enjoyed being part of the madness.

The Vixen and her magic …

Heggerwood Realms provides an editorial (and formatting) service to authors at the manuscript stage of their work. She operates alone, albeit having contacts she can call upon for cover work when required. She acquires her client base through self-promotion on FaceBook and through ‘word of mouth’—She finds it incredibly flattering when her clients share her business details on posts asking for editor recommendations.

Her beliefs … her words …

I am but a tiny insular fox in a huge planet so I can only hope I have had (and have) a positive impact on a few individual’s lives. Rather than post promotional messages on my FaceBook page, I endeavour to post articles of interest to the literary fraternity, messages and memes of encouragement to those writers experiencing a block or lack in self-esteem, and share links and reviews of my authors’ published works. To read and enjoy a book is a wonderful thing, to write one is hard, time-consuming, harrowing, difficult work.  Authors deserve, in the main, to be read, and reviewed; I try where possible to increase their audience.

A positive message for the world. There is a book in all of us, even the fox! It matters not if it is hand-written or typed, created in a few months or is years in the making. If you want to write your book… go ahead and write it. Authors rarely write for the money, indeed, authors seldom make a living from their royalties however, the therapeutic process of writing down their words can often be reward enough—it allows their creative energy to flow, can cleanse their being of pent up frustration, and find immense pleasure in.

Where can you find her?


With that, I bid you farewell friends.