Creative Team- Rayn Rose

Meet the Krolian WhuHoppers who helped Little Mis-Fit become a reality …

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…. The Kingdom has many WhuHoppers who work hard to facilitate positive change in the universe. I would like to tell you about them… Today, you will meet the author …. Rayn Rose.


WHUHOPPER DUTIES: Weaving fantastical tales to anyone willing to listen

QUIRKS: Hops everywhere, whilst juggling glowzies

The Eyelash was sent into the universe on Earth, where her work began. She worked diligently, trying to find other ways of helping others when one day, she heard a voice. The voice of Grand Whiskers- Our Protector. She was guided to her true calling as a storyteller. So far, her work is in development and will soon be shared with the world.

The Eyelash has always wanted to help others and change conventions.

She believes humanity is evolving and no one needs to hide anymore. She loves being different, experiment with colours, clothes, textures, words, music, and anything else she can get her fingers on. It is never dull when she is around. A fun hopeful, who is cheerful, positive and reflective, she lives in hope that one day, the world will embrace everyone equally.