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Ofcourse, check out Little Mis-Fit. Here is a sneak peek ….


For so long now, I have been “The Overseer”, I have known nothing else.  The Kingdom of Krolik is my home, where along with the Overlords, I protect the universe from falling under the dark spell of evil. I thought- this was it for me- I’d die as an Overlord. I was no good at anything else! However, I was forced to challenge myself when our annual Birthingway Ceremony was struck by a wicked curse. One which lead to many misadventures.

The year of Mura’s madness.

Burning minkos.

Centuries old traditions broken.

And a very strange Whu.

All that we knew and accepted was forever changed by the birth of Little Mis-Fit. This is her story. Without her, I would not have discovered the budding author within.

Welcome to our world.


Mr Pukazeezee