One Tree Planted: Whu-help

Every action has a consequence, no matter.

Whizkle Earthlings,

Everyone loves good news! Today, I am overjoyed with happiness because finally I have found a way to make a difference. Without giving much away, all I can say is that Little Mis-Fit must take responsibility for her actions as she is accountable for her choices.

At the Kingdom of Krolik we encourage the Overlords to value our world and everyone else’s. For that reason, we extend our gratitude and kindness to all the trees, who will become the paper that will bring our stories to life. We invite you and your families to think about the choices they make, regardless of the emotions they feel. At Krolik fear, anger, sadness or any painful emotion, is not a license to behave or act negatively. Therefore, we have found a new family member, who as Whu-Helpers, we extend our love and support.

Our goal is to help plant trees. With your book purchases we will then be able to donate money to make this happen. At present, we are considering the options to where we would like to do this. Please watch this space! If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Be part of this wonderful journey.

Every tree matters. Help us, help our planet.

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