The Misfit plan

Our mission is to celebrate life as a unique individual.

We do not discriminate.

Little Mis-Fit is a project that hopes to embrace everyone regardless their backgrounds. We welcome those who are considered MISFITS and want them to join us in spreading the word.

I need you.

Over the years, I have taken control of my toxic experiences to realise that I am not the labels attached to me. If you have been bullied, abused, violated, neglected, rejected, marginalised .… then I write this to tell you that this is not the end.

Hope exists.

Little Mis-Fit saved me. Writing this story is my way to tell the world to f*** off! For all those who shunned my existence, I hereby tell you, your opinion doesn’t matter!

I would love for you to be part of this journey and allow your inner child to express itself.

You do not need to hide anymore.