Cody C. Engdahl

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I stand proud in a crowd, unlike the others.

Since, I began this secret mission, I can’t believe the treasures I have uncovered. Grand Whiskers, will love it! I really hope so! I am after all Mr Pukazeezee, one of a kind- or I thought so. Having waded through this place you call Earth, I have come to realise, there are many versions of special. I want you to meet them all! The Whu-Special is dedicated to WhuHoppers that exist beyond our Kingdom. I hope to invite them into our world, where together we can change and challenge minds with our creative infusions.

Earthly WhuHopper: Cody C. Engdahl

Earthly duties: Wordy Fiddler

Awkward children live in a vibrant imaginary world.

Krolian name: Grodo (Just because I can … ha!)

Grodo was an awkward child, with many gifts. Unwilling to talk before he deemed it was necessary. So, he resisted until he was four! He chose to use his words, when it suited him. Unlike the other babblers, he was a sensitive, reflector. Grodo, lived in his own imaginary world, cherishing his own colourful thoughts and dreams. Never really was he enticed by the false lull of “extroverted” normality. They did not reject him. He chose not to embellish in their perceived social constructs of “appropriate”. Although, Grodo thrived in his fantastical world, where he was a hero from Saturn, the outside world labelled him- different. His weight and lisp giving rise to ugly in the unmasked enemy. The child within him slowly being crushed by the disappointments of someone else’s reality. No longer able to resist, he caved. The lies sadly stuck. “Big baby”, a badge worn with secret shame. But, Grodo was not meant to live this life. He confronted this enemy, feasting on his self esteem and worth.

Defeating these demons, he won the war alas.

It was then Grodo stepped out of the dark and into the light where he sparkled in his true glory. Suddenly, healthy and popular. Lapping up the love, admiration and accolades, Grodo believed he had finally confronted his demons. However, the truth was hidden beneath his ego’s manic desire for acceptance. Succumbing to this never satisfying hunger, he fell again. This time, walking into the path of self destruction, which had a head start. A war that was waged when he was only four. Now, it was running rampant, wildly free on drugs and rebellion. Grodo was heading towards his explosion and expulsion …

Somewhere in the dark, an ember flickered. As much as he willed for a fairy godmother, none really showed up. Instead he found respite in books. Having been inspired by his parents, lightness stirred inside. The small flutter of hope, beckoning him to words buried deep inside hardback covers. The gentle voice of his mother, whispered to him in the night. Her creativity slowly drawing him into his own. One day, he awoke from his cocoon emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Flapping his wings into the world of TV as a reporter. Since waking from his nightmarish sleep, Grodo found his true calling as an author.

Through the course of his growth, Grodo accepted his difference and now wears it as a badge of honor. He accepts his quiet self-consciousness as a gift because he realises that others are just not ready to wake up. No longer doubting his ability to think deeply and observe the world, Grodo embraces these special powers. Belonging, is overrated, and he can now care not whether he belongs or not. His introversion is a blessing, which he shares with the world through his art.

The demons silent for now.

Grodo has been a Secret WhuHopper on Earth for many years now. The voice of his inner child finding its own place in the world. Amongst all the noise, Grodo weaves historical fiction tales, whilst playing the fiddle. Grodo will continue to change lives with his words. He aspires to bring history alive for people because one cannot know where they are going, if they don’t know where they have been. Having learnt lessons from his own experiences Grodo strongly wants to encourage others to be creative instead of destructive.

Spreading even a little joy is like healing fairy dust. Sprinkle away…

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THE GRODO GUIDE: His WhuHopper contribution to Whu-humanity.

Grodo is working hard to write exciting stories. He has written the following thus far:

The American Civil War WAS About Slavery: A Quick Handbook of Quotes to Reference When Debating Those Who Would Argue Otherwise.

Rampage on the River: The Battle for Island No. 10 (2nd Michigan Cavalry Chronicles: Book 1).

WhuHopper Connections: Follow Grodo to Saturn … by connecting with him and sharing his message.,

Grodo’s mantra: It’s never too late to get started. He found both his voice and the fiddle in his 40’s. “If you have dreams, get started!”

It was splendilicious to have found Grodo, I can not wait to meet more Earthly WhuHoppers! Watch this space Overlords .. I will be back.

Mr P. (I think this abbreviation is cool. Right?)

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The WhuHoppers to the rescue ….