Whu-Finance: Michael Johnson

Financial wellness is an art, that one can and should learn.

Sup Friends!

I’m getting down with the cool kids! Right? I am not really sure. It’s not so easy to be human- well, I can’t. I am not human. Anywho .. . enough of the ramblings … It is time to meet our Krolian WhuHopper… We decided on finding a financial planner because one I can not count and secondly, I wish not to either. Since, we have big plans, we needed to budget, plan and strategize how our Krolian currency would be best used.


WHUHOPPER DUTIES: Guide us on our financial journey on Earth ensuring that we are planned, prepared and organised to take on the goals we set.

QUIRKS: Sleeps standing up whilst wearing mismatching socks.

Sparki is a reserved, introverted reflector who prefers to live in the depths of his overactive mind. He is a thoughtful master of strategy, where he can predict outcomes even before they manifest into reality. His journey into masterdom was no surprise. Sparki was an avid reader, dedicated to his spiritual growth, he carefully calculated his path.

However, his struggle to be “human” and in touch with his emotions, were his biggest hurdle. Having emotional connection beaten out of him early on, Sparki realised he must explore this. Finding a way out of his mind, into his heart, Sparki slowly emerged like a butterfly- now offering his heart openly to the universe. He was able to find a balance between his heart and mind.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

Without balance, we have no real anchor in life. We cannot be free without a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Having the ability to think with such finesse enabled Sparki to focus on his strengths and achieve success. However, he didn’t forget about experiencing the joys of his heart.

Sparki boarded the Little Mis-Fit train because he believed in her. He had never met anyone like her. Her extroverted charm eroded his quiet defenses and he simply couldn’t help but be drawn into her magic. Afterall, Little Mis-Fit had her own special gifts, which pulled Sparki out of his mind and into his body. Once, he realised the power of her words, he was compelled to offer his support to ensure that Little Mis-Fit was seen and heard. Sparki only commits to projects that are authentic and aligned to a higher purpose. Therefore, his desire to create awareness and build the brand came from his absolute conviction that she really was here to help others. Sparki will therefore, budget and plan our Kickstarter and any other costs required to make this dream a reality. He is the money master!

Sparki shines his light in the universe by offering love and kindness. He believes that everyone deserves compassion.

Sparki’s message:

Like everything else in your life, do not neglect your financial health. It is as important as your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Life is unpredictable. By taking control and being responsible and planning for our future, we are a step closer to stability. Money is not evil, it is what we chose to do with it that poses the threat. Our mindset is crucial to the way our lives turn out.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

You can find Sparki here: https://www.mjohnsonbenefits.com

Thank you for joining our cause and helping our vision become a reality. We could not have done it without you our little WhuHopper!

Mr Pukazeezee