Whu-Fun! Upcoming competitions

It is time to get creative! Here are some of our current competitions and Whu-fun times.

There is an artist in all of us. You just need to look deep enough.

SUBMISSIONS- everyone welcome!

Short story competition.

With a little post Christmas cheer, Little Mis-Fit and The Stardust Experience have a very special surprise. We are sprinkling our fairy dust in your creative world. This is your chance to have your story turned into a FREE 500 word audiobook by The Stardust Experience. (www.thestardustexperience.com).

To take part please:

  1. Share and tag our post
  2. Follow http://www.littlemisfit.org
  3. Submit your story at www.littlemis-fit.com. Details below

Competition guidelines:

1. Submit a 500 word short story. Work must be original and the writers own work. Children are welcome to enter.

2. Complete the form below. Submit story into message.

3. Winner will be chosen on 30th April 2020. Story will be recorded kindly by The Stardust Experience. You will be contacted via email. If we do not hear back within a week, another winner will be selected.

Thank you! All the best.

Here’s sample of Little Mis-Fit recorded by The Stardust Experience

Children only

Enjoy every part of your crazy imagination …

Welcome Little ones!

This is your special Krolian mission … We are looking for you!

Yes, you! With your colourful minds and wild ideas, I want you to take part in our Whu-mission. No idea is uncool or unwelcome … so, if you are a little artist, story teller, singer, dancer, painter … or whatever you want to be. I want to hear from you.

For anyone up to the age of 15, come share your magic with Little Mis-Fitters, where creativity is celebrated. This is your chance to shine! I want to celebrate you, encourage you and inspire you to believe in your beautiful magic.

Purpose: Celebrating your beautiful minds.

How: email your creations to nerdyrosepress@outlook.com

Please seek permission from an adult where need be. Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Caregivers, please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Code: Krolian Whu-rtist

Outcome: Once a month, I will chose one Creative Misfit … Showcase your talents with the Kingdom of Krolik!

Come on, get thinking! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Mr Pukazeezee

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com