WhuHopper: John Buell: A tale by Fire

My inner light rages.

Namaste Earthlings,

Earthly WhuHopper: John David Buell

Earthly duties: Spiritual wizard

Krolian name: Zephyr

Much ado about ….

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

Zephyr was a dreamer, living in an inner world of fierce fantasies. He was a wild filthy pirate with a wrapping paper roll sword, or a cardboard robot or a hairy tissue paper monster. He tried it all! And he thrived in this room of many mysteries.

However, this story telling wizard was never able to find a place in the real word. Smaller than the other children, he was distinctively different.

Unkind hurtful words shape our perception.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Reality was never as much fun as his inner musings and having falling victim to cruel bullies, Zephyr suffered. His self-esteem low. Now a firm believer of the lies the world told, he convinced himself of the unthinkable. He doubted himself. No longer empowered by his abilities. he was eaten by vile untruths. Fear manifesting in wicked ways.

Unburdening himself

Photo by Jhefferson Santos on Pexels.com

Zephyr looked within- into the mirror of his soul, where he found his wounded boy. Afraid, alone and helpless. With courage, he found the strength to work on himself. Learning to love the boy lost behind cruel words. Finally embracing his inner power, he found truth. Hope never dies. Latching on to this new found light, his self worth flourished.

Photo by Ishara Kasthuriarachchi on Pexels.com

Having nurtured himself back to a healthy mindset, Zephyr returned to his first love. The early storm of stories forever imprinted on his brain, awoken once more.

Long forgotten stories he has spent his childhood living inside, once dead amongst the noise, now beginning to surface. The little boy resurrected, his Godzilla picture books a reminder of lost childhood dreams. With his reignited flame, he began to pen more comics and short stories. All the while, slowly healing himself through his creative expression. He forged his way through those old shackles, refusing to give into his demons. With dedication, he found a purpose. A wonderful path to spiritual picture books, healing not only his soul, but others along the way.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Always seek the light, and then return to it.

The Zephyr Guide:

Zephyr writes spiritual stories that awaken wonder, ignite inner power, and unveil our inherent interconnectivity as a species. His words connect the world as one whole. His desire is to foster joy and peace in every given moment. By finding the light in everything, we can be each others champions. A positive, uplifting community of spiritual wizards sharing love and light.

His stories will change your world: Last September, he ran a Kickstarter for his first book, A Tale by Fire, a story that follows fire and light across the ages of history – and is told from the perspective of fire itself. Ultimately, having raised over $7900 in order to publish his book, his dreams now a reality. A fine middle finger to his critics!

Currently working on several new stories, he is eager to share them with the world.

WhuHopper Connections: Meditate with Zephyr in the following ways-

Website: http://www.johndavidbuell.com

FB: (John David Buell Books)

Instagram: @johndavidbuell.

WhuHopper healing:

Zephyr’s mantra: Be connected.

All of humanity is interconnected – life can not exist any other way. What we see in the world are different iterations of our personal reflections. We simply project our realities. So, why not smile at someone today – and watch the universe return it in abundance.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Share that light with others and watch the world light up.

I would like to thank our spiritual wizard, my soul feels nourished having met him. We are one step closer to setting the world on fire- of course in a good way. Hahahaha … My spiritual high is making me a but delirious … so best I disappear for now.


Mr. P

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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